Join the Men of St. Michael

A call to all men of the Christian faith in and around the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. 

We invite you to join the Men of St. Michael. This group was formed as an off-shoot of the “That Man Is You” program designed to be somewhat less structured in the length of the material covered. A group in which all members have a say in what is covered.

Originally led and facilitated by Nick France, to merely to serve the group, calling on others to share in leadership and input. It’s men leaning on men for growth in our faith-life, fellowship, and an increased responsibility in our church, our families, and our communities. We know that men rely on each other to hold themselves accountable, and this group does just that.

Remember; Iron sharpens Iron;one person sharpens another. (PROV 27:17)

Join us men, as we strive together each week to put on the armor of Christ (EPH 6:11), become the men God created us to be, as we learn and discuss the issues facing men in a world that we are meant to be in, but not of.

Who is this for? Any man wanting to be a part of a group that is striving to grow closer to Christ, learn about the issues facing the Christian man today, and do so in a relaxed atmosphere that won’t judge you for where you are in your faith life – all are welcome. We’re looking for men of all ages; 15 and up are encouraged to join. It is vital to our Church that young men be a part of this group, for they will lead and sustain our Church for years to come. Men, bring your sons. It is vital that older men be a part, for we rely on your wisdom. Sons, bring your fathers.

Please download our brochure and tell a friend, or the men in your life, about the Men of St. Michael Men’s Group.


Brochure Cover

Brochure Inside

286 Replies to “Join the Men of St. Michael”

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