Novena for the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Fr. Henry Riffle shared this Novena with the parishioners of St. Michael’s in the bulletin one year leading up to Pentecost, and Bill Meagher was kind enough to share it with us.  It is tradition to pray a novena – a nine-day prayer – to prepare for Pentecost, the celebration of the Spirit. While praying this novena leading up to Pentecost is special and traditional, you can pray it any time you like throughout the year. Use these days to pray for the fruits of the Spirit, as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23.

Day 1 – Fruit: Love (Charity)
Holy Spirit, help me form my world view in love and Grant that I may always assume the best, and not the worst, in every person I meet. Guide my every word and deed in love.

Day 2 – Fruit: Joy
Holy Spirit, teach me to seek pleasure instead of drudgery in the details of my daily routine. Open my eyes to the wonder of every moment. Make my soul a well of joy that overflows and refreshes everyone I meet.

Day 3 – Fruit: Peace
Holy Spirit, help me to remember that you, not I, are in charge of my world and my life. Grant me the wisdom to step back from the frantic pace that threatens to overwhelm me. Fill me with the cool breeze of your peace.

Day 4 – Fruit: Patience
Holy Spirit, grant me the grace to bear the inevitable irritations of this day without anger. Guard me against overreaction and give me the strength to choose patience.

Day 5 – Fruit: Kindness
Holy Spirit, soften my heart to recognize the suffering of others this day. May I see Christ in them and react with kindness and compassion.

Day 6 — Fruit: Generosity
Holy Spirit, fill me with gratitude for the bounty you have given me, that I may in turn be willing to give freely of myself to others in time of need.

Day 7 — Fruit: Faithfulness
Holy Spirit, strengthen me that I may faithfully fulfill the tasks to which I am called. Deliver me from the temptation to gossip, belittle, or betray my family, friends, and coworkers. Help me to honor my commitments and value my relationships.

Day 8 — Fruit: Gentleness
Holy Spirit, help me to meet the challenges of this day not with brute force, but with gentleness. May I seek a Godly resolution to every conflict.

Day 9 (the eve of Pentecost) — Fruit: Self-control
Holy Spirit, teach me the value of self-denial. May learning to control my passions and desires bring me closer to you this day and always.

Lord God, fill me with your Holy Spirit, that your will may bear fruit in me this day and always.

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